AsterFax the Email to Fax Gateway for Asterisk.
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AsterFax and Asterisk IT have both been renamed.

Asterfax is now known as Noojee Fax

Asterisk IT is now known as Noojee Telephony Solutions.

Noojee Fax documentation and support can now be obtained via:

---------------   We have moved -----------------
Asterisk IT is the primary developer and sponsor of AsterFax the Open Source Email to Fax Gateway for Asterisk.
Asterisk I.T. offer a range of support options for AsterFax as well as general Asterisk consulting services.  Contact for more information.
You can also receive support from the Asterfax and Asterisk communities by by posting at the relevant forum.

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AsterFax is available under a dual license model.
AsterFax is  freely available to anyone for use on a single fax line (or VOIP channel), for additional fax lines a commercial license is required.
Our licensing model is aimed at making AsterFax as widely and cheaply available as possible, while allowing us to sustain ongoing development. Profit from commercial licensing fees goes back into improving the AsterFax product. We believe that this model provides a fair compromise.

If you would like to make comment on our licensing policy please email .

We offer AsterFax  completely free under the GPL to users (commercial or otherwise) with a single fax line .
Note: it has been brought to our attention (thanks to Per Bothner) that our restriction of a single fax line is contrary to the GPL terms. As such we are currently reviewing exactly what license the 'free' version of AsterFax will appear under.
Rest assured, AsterFax will be Open Source and it will be freely available to user with a single fax line.
I will update this section as we work out exactly what the details of the license will be.
Apologies for the short term confusion but it will be resolved shortly.

For organizations with additional fax channel*1 you can purchase a commercial licence for $US230 per line (the first line is still free).

Note: AsterFax pricing is not 'per user' but per fax channel*1. So you can add as many users as you want.

A commercial license will get you 12 months email support. 

You can also purchase phone support for $US1200 per year or email support for subsequent years for $US230 per year.

Commercial licenses for AsterFax are based on an honour system. AsterFax (being Open Source) contains no licensing keys, we simply relying on your honesty. Remember profits go to supporting additional AsterFax development. If you want to try AsterFax before you buy it you can always run it with a single fax line or we are happy for you to use it across an unlimited amount of lines for 30 days.

Asterisk I.T. commit to always providing an OpenSource version of the code under the terms outlined above.

To purchase a commercial license for AsterFax please email

*1 a fax channel equates to an instance of a Channel definition in AsterFax.xml multiplied by the Channel count.
In real terms this usually equates to a license fee for each physical analog telephone line or each channel on an ISDN line used to send or recieve faxes.
For VOIP based faxing (not recommended) it equates to each VOIP channel configured to send or recieve faxes.
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