AsterFax the Email to Fax Gateway for Asterisk.
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AsterFax and Asterisk IT have both been renamed.

Asterfax is now known as Noojee Fax

Asterisk IT is now known as Noojee Telephony Solutions.

Noojee Fax documentation and support can now be obtained via:

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Asterisk IT is the primary developer and sponsor of AsterFax the Open Source Email to Fax Gateway for Asterisk.
Asterisk I.T. offer a range of support options for AsterFax as well as general Asterisk consulting services.  Contact for more information.
You can also receive support from the Asterfax and Asterisk communities by by posting at the relevant forum.

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Configuring Email Clients

There are two ways of configuring AsterFax to receive mail either directly where by it acts as an SMTP server or indirectly where sendmail or some other mail server accepts emails on behalf of AsterFax.

The following list the alternate ways of configuring email clients depending on how you have configured AsterFax.

Option 1. (recommended)

Sendmail integration.
AsterFax is able to be integrated with sendmail. In this configuration sendmail accepts emails on behalf of AsterFax.  For details on configuring sendmail to accept mail on behalf of AsterFax look here .

Assuming that sendmail is your organization's standard mail server then you don't need to configure your email client.

Option 2.

Direct connection.
Configure AsterFax to act as a simple SMTP server designed specifically for sending faxes. It will NOT act as a normal SMTP server in that it will not delivery general emails.
If you are a software developer then you can use the SMTP protocol to directly send emails which will be translated and sent as a faxes.
For end users most email clients will allow the configuration of multiple SMTP servers. Simply add AsterFax as a second SMTP Server. When an end users wants to send a fax they simply select the AsterFax SMTP server. (This is generally done by selecting from a list of alternate 'From' addresses).

When using a direct connection to AsterFax the actual subdomain is effectively ignored and can be anything (we generally recommend fax.local) and no MX record is required.

Option 3.

Configuring an MX record:
If you want to send faxes using your standard mail client without configuring a second set of SMTP server settings then you are going to have to tell the world (or at least your mail server) how to find the AsterFax SMTP gateway. This is done by adding an MX record to your DNS server. Generally we recommend that you create either a subdomain under you existing domain e.g. or the preferred option is to create a separate domain called fax.local.

This option requires that you configure AsterFax as an SMTP gateway however it requires zero configuration of your email client and zero configuration of your standard SMTP server.
CONSIDER: why isn't this the recommended option. It looks like the simplest method? May issue is that for security it requires organization to have both an internal and external DNS server. The MX record for AsterFax should only be visible on the internal DNS server.

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