AsterFax the Email to Fax Gateway for Asterisk.
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AsterFax and Asterisk IT have both been renamed.

Asterfax is now known as Noojee Fax

Asterisk IT is now known as Noojee Telephony Solutions.

Noojee Fax documentation and support can now be obtained via:

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Asterisk IT is the primary developer and sponsor of AsterFax the Open Source Email to Fax Gateway for Asterisk.
Asterisk I.T. offer a range of support options for AsterFax as well as general Asterisk consulting services.  Contact for more information.
You can also receive support from the Asterfax and Asterisk communities by by posting at the relevant forum.

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Java 5 (or 1.5 as its sometimes referred to).

AsterFax requires a Java 5 runtime and must be installed on the same machine as Asterisk.. If you don't already have Java 5 start by downloading and installing an appropriate Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
You can get Java 5 runtime here .
Select the option JRE 5.0 Update <n>

Download the file:
chmod the file:
chmod u+x the_file_you_downloaded

exexute the file

Add the new directory in your path
(this is usually something like /usr/java/jre1.x.x/bin)

Once installed make certain that it runs and that you have the correct version by typing the following at a command prompt:
java -version
It should display a message similar to the following:
java version "1.5.0-rc"
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0-rc-b63)

If an older version (1.4 or earlier) is reported then you have either installed the wrong version of java or you have an old version still in your path.
You can run the 'which' command to find out where java is being loaded from:
which java

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