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AsterFax and Asterisk IT have both been renamed.

Asterfax is now known as Noojee Fax

Asterisk IT is now known as Noojee Telephony Solutions.

Noojee Fax documentation and support can now be obtained via:

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Release notes for AsterFax version 1.0

AsterFax provides an Email to Fax gateway for the transmission of faxes using Asterisk.

Asterisk is an Open Source PBX (or PABX) integrating PSTN telephone lines and VOIP into a single solution, providing all of the functionality of a high end PBX; and best of all its free!
AsterFax builds on the services provided by Asterisk to provide a full fledged email based Fax Gateway.

What that means is that with AsterFax and Asterisk you can send faxes from your desktop using your standard email client without have to install any software on your desktop.

AsterFax can translate a normal email message into a fax message. You simply enter the destination phone number in the 'To' address, compose your email message and click send. Its that easy.

For more formal correspondence AsterFax also supports a growing number of file formats such as PDF, Tiff, Postscript, MS-Word and OpenOffice Writer. You can either attach the file to your email message or for applications such as MS-Word and OpenOffice you can fax directly from the applications by using the 'Send Email' option. The resulting email is sent as a fax message.

This release includes the following bug fixes and enhancements

Fix dead lock that occurs intermittently causing faxes to not be sent

We've applied a fix that avoids a dead lock that causes AsterFax to stop processing new e-mails. Thanks to Warren at Voicio and themessanger fortheir help testing this.

Deal with empty PageSize and Empty From address gtracefully

Empty PageSize and From address configuration entries caused NullPointerExceptions in previous released. In this release we deal with this more gracefully using reasonable defaults. For PageSize we use letter as the default and for From address we use asterfax@ the local host name and domain.

Allow embedding attachments in receipts

We've added an <Embed> setting to the DeliveryReceipt section of the config file. When set to True the fax image is embedded in the delivery receipt rather than attached.

Send delivery receipt attachments as PDF

We've added an <AttachAsPdf> setting to the DeliveryReceipt section of the config file. When set to True the fax image is embedded in a PDF file and attached to the delivery receipt rather than attached as a tif file.

Fix init script

We fixed a typo in the init script that is copied to /etc/init.d by the RPM install. We've also ensure permissions are set to 755. Thanks to Steve (stevsy) for his input on this.

Remove hard coding of Xvfb path

In previous released the path to Xvfb, which is started by AsterFax on startup, was hardcoded. This has been removed so AsterFax relies on Xvfb being in the PATH.

Fix bug - e-mail body not sent when attachments ar found

The e-mail body was not included in the fax when attachments were included in a mail message.